Excavation and Grading

Excavation and Grading

Excavation and grading are site work which must be completed before construction can begin. We are knowledgeable in understanding the factors which will have an impact on the overall success of a project. This list include soil composition, contour, drainage problems and considerations, placement of existing and planned construction, and expansion plans and possibilities. We also have the capability to complete site preparation work such as grove removal, land clearing and trenching.

Excavation and grading are used in a variety of applications. Road work, new construction, additions, industries and commercial parking lots and more. When an overlay is required these may require precise grading and sloping measurements which is an area of expertise we are able to provide. Lower areas near buildings often require backfill and grading to ensure moisture is drained away from the structure to prevent damage.

Planning ahead for erosion control will help protect your property investment. Drainage is part of this equation, including diverting water to flow where it will not cause damage, washing away road edges or flowing into buildings. We have years of experience in understanding contours and soil composition and how these factors affect drainage and erosion. We know how to counteract these and create a positive situation in both existing and new construction.

Our excavation and grading services include working with the following:

 New construction and existing residential site preparation
 Commercial site development
 Industrial sites, including warehouse and concrete prep
 Airports
 Road and highway development
 Drainage systems
 Culvert placement
 Recreational areas

The excavation and grading needs vary according to the soil criteria, contour and planned structures making our expertise invaluable. We have decades of experience in this work and are able to anticipate problems which may have been overlooked during planning. This experience allows us to provide the customer with peace of mind, knowing the job will be completed in the most expedient and professional manner.

Homeowners, builders and contractors seeking excavation and grading work within San Diego County are invited to contact us for a professional estimate. We provide the equipment and capability to perform quality excavation and grading work for your needs.