Over Excavation and Recompaction

Over excavation and recompaction are required for many construction projects in San Diego County. Knowledge and expertise are essential components of the strength and integrity of the finished building when working with soil compaction. When not properly performed serious problems with wall stability can result. Our professional experience and quality control means you can rest assured that we will perform the job to the exacting standards required. We understand and have experience in determining density tolerances of supporting structures and perform recompaction to ensure a solid foundation from sub-grade to finished grade.

The incorporation of over excavation and recompaction is generally connected with creating supporting structures. Using the correct soils for replacement and understanding how to tamp the dirt without placing pressure that will crack or undermine the integrity of supporting components is vital when performing these services. Wetting and tamping soil may work well for a garden, however it can threaten a building or structure. A soil compactor may be used as well as other methods ensuring soil compaction which protects the underlying structure rather than damaging it. Our equipment is designed to fit into a variety of spaces including tight and difficult to reach areas.

Retaining walls for landscaping as well as basements, parking lots, commercial buildings and residences may all require over excavation and recompaction. Back-filling along these structures places demands upon the strength of the structural components. The work needs to be completed with correct timing, too soon and cracks may result, threatening the overall structural integrity. This is such an integral part of the construction project, particularly in our state that it should never be attempted by someone who is does not have experience and expertise in the field. Our professionals understand the process and are on hand to complete work as necessary to prevent damage or delays to the project.

Contact us for over excavation and recompaction needs within San Diego county. We are available for these and other services including all dirt work, trenching, excavation, backhoe, landscape clearing and more. Our professional expertise ensures over excavation and recompaction projects are completed to the exacting standards required.