Footings and Foundation

Digging footings and foundation excavation within San Diego County is part of the service we are able to provide customers. With our years of experience, we understand what is required for construction projects. The depth and width of footings and foundations must be adequate to support the planned structure. Our knowledge and expertise gives us an advantage when working with blueprints and plans for residential and commercial structures.

Planning new construction requires the excavation for footings and foundation which are an integral part of the overall project. Steel buildings may require deeper boxed footings which are considerably deeper than the channel supporting the rest of the building. Our experience includes not only in excavating and trenching, but we understand the soil compaction and how it must be worked and treated for preparation. This knowledge is crucial for a successful project. Footings and foundations which crack or are not deep enough can create serious problems once the building is finished. Our professional experience gives us the ability to recognize problems that may arise while preparing the soil and digging the foundation footing, so they will never become a problem.

Construction projects large and small generally rely on footings and foundations to be dug and poured after clearing and excavating the site. Our company is experienced in all aspects of dirt work, excavation, trenching and clearing. We offer grove removal, firewall clearing, soil compacting, and more. Our workhorse tractor with extended backhoe is able to get into difficult to reach areas and remove eyesores. We are the first step in creating a new construction project.

Contact us for digging footings and foundation excavation as well as other site preparation work. We are available for all projects, commercial, residential, large and small. We are able to work with contractors on jobs of all sizes as well as home and land owners who are seeking the services and work we provide. Our experience, reputation and longevity in the business, as well as our ability to extend service throughout San Diego County combine to make us top choice for your next clearing, excavation, trenching, backhoe or footings and foundation needs.