San Diego Backhoe Service

San Diego Backhoe Service is available throughout San Diego County for your backoe service and trenching needs. We are available for tree removal, grading, ground clearing, septic services, land clearing, excavation and trenching for underground utility lines. Contact us when considering a remodel, home repairs or new construction for a quote. We want to provide you with customer service that you can rely on, service that is professional, courteous and on time.


The workhorse of our backhoe service is a John Deere four wheel drive tractor with extension which enables us to work in hard to reach areas. This tractor helps us to efficiently perform the work you need in an expedient manner. We dig ditches for drainage, roadways, storm drains, septic services and more. Cellar digging and landscape services such as excavation are popular with builders and home remodels. Stump and orchard removal are available for those who wish to clean up or modify an area for a new use.

Our trencher service is ideal for burying unsightly phone lines, cable wires, sewer pipes, water lines, and electric leads. Many communities have codes requiring that some or all of the above be buried. In other instances customers may prefer to do so simply for appearance or to protect the wires from damage.

We are able to provide the professional know-how and machinery for homes or larger industrial excavation projects. Our experience protects potential problems which can be averted in advance, including ruptured pipes and poorly designed drainage slopes. We are licensed and insured for protection and are committed to your project.

Excavation, backhoe service, trench diggers and backhoe rental are available options we provide to customers. Contact us for pricing information and availability of rental equipment. We are pleased to provide estimates on your project as well as an estimated completion time. We strive to provide our customers with the best backhoe service available and will work with you every step of the way to make certain the project is progressing according to your plan. Please feel free to give us a call at San Diego Backhoe Service for an estimate or to arrange your project today.