Utility Trenching

utility trenching

Utility trenching throughout San Diego County is one of the important services we provide to residential and commercial customers. We bring experience and expertise to the drawing board and are able to help with job planning, coordination, trenching and follow up. We have expertise in trenching for pipes of all types as well as with the multitude of underground cables including telephone, electric, WAN, copper, fiber optic, television, internet and more that are an integral part of our daily lives. We provide unparalleled service while ensuring that existing pipes and lines are not ruined, saving our customers time and money.

Our utility trenching utilizes the correct trenching diggers for the work you need. We have on hand a variety of excavating and trenching equipment to enable us to perform jobs of all sizes. Our experience in the field provides us with the ability to analyze and anticipate problems which could potentially arise during the trenching process so that we are able to avert them. Not only must existing underground pipes and wires not be disturbed in established neighborhoods, the possibility also exists in more rural areas and new construction. Existing utilities such as telephone lines, gas lines, water, sewer and more often run through rural properties as well as in urban areas.

Utility trenching regulations may exist in community covenants requiring that lines be buried in new construction. Existing homeowners may wish to clean up the appearance of their homes by burying their utilities as well. Adding an outbuilding may necessitate the need for trenching on a property. We are able to provide trenching and excavation for commercial properties, residential homes, acreages, road work and more.

Soil types and the amount of rock will affect how utility trenching is performed. We provide the expertise and equipment for trenching and excavation of all types in various soil conditions. Rock, sand, gravel, clay and a combination of moisture conditions will dictate the length of the job as well as the equipment we will use. Our experience makes us the trenching company the San Diego area has come to rely on. Contact us today for your utility trenching needs and speak to our experienced contractor to determine what works best for you.